Providing safe and comfortable contact lenses.

Efforts in
Contact Lens

Contact lenses tailored to the eye.

Since its founding in 1971, this concept has remained unchanged, and we have been researching and developing lens designs that address a variety of ocular shapes and symptoms.

We provide the unique custom made hard contact lenses that we tailor to each individual's eyes.

With this concept and our technology, we have gained lots of support from many medical institutions and ophthalmologists, including collaboration with major university hospitals (approximately 70%) as joint clinical institutions.

Our unique lens adjustment service, which continues to support our customers customers’ comfort, has been highly recognized by customers and ophthalmologists, with the establishment of a network to supply our products across the nation.

These responses are a reflection of the expectations of medical professionals, and we believe that our mission is to meet these expectations by continuing to take on challenges as a company involved in healthcare to contribute to society, and will also lead to our growth.

In 2015, we acquired ISO 13485, the international standard for quality management systems for medical devices, and are striving to ensure better quality.

We are proud of this word, "The most important thing is to make contact lenses tailored to each individual's eyes" and will continue to provide custom custom-made, hard contact lenses.

We will communicate the importance and necessity of “tailoring contact lenses to individual eyes" not only to Japan but also to the rest of the world.

President and CEO